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Radicalised by the experiences and suffering of war, our founding members established the Federation of Girls’ clubs in 1944 as a commitment to young women and social reform. By 1955 mixed clubs were incorporated.

Youth Action

In 1961, in line with the developments in Great Britain, the federation became the Northern Ireland Association of Youth Clubs (NIAYC) and began to build up a wide membership of youth clubs and organisations throughout Northern Ireland. It offered a range of benefits to members including insurance, training, major competitions and events.

In 1971 Hampton was purchased and renovated by the organisation, During the violence and disorder of the 'troubles'; Hampton provided a safe place for adults and young people to come together from different backgrounds and traditions to be stimulated by new ideas and secure support from likeminded people.

Royal Visit

Hampton was the home of the organisation for 35 years providing a venue for 'young people at work' courses, youth work training and management courses, community relations training and young adult conferences.

Organisations such as Playboard, Phab and Platform (fore runners of NIYF) grew out of NIAYC and in 1990 Youth Action Northern Ireland was launched as the new brand of a voluntary organisation committed to making a significant difference to the lives of young people and communities throughout Northern Ireland.


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