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Young Men

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Since 1990 YouthAction NI has been developing non-traditional approaches to work with young men.  Initially, this began by offering training to youth workers who were finding it increasingly difficult to engage with young men, many of whom were outside traditional Youth Service Provision.  In 1996/97 YouthAction produced two major publications: "Young Men's Health - A Youth Work Concern" and "Young Men Talking - Voices from Belfast."

Young Men

This led in 1997 to the appointment of a full-time worker for three years, funded through YouthNet to develop work with young men living in inner city and rural areas of Northern Ireland.  This was carried out in partnership with local workers and agencies that were experiencing difficulty engaging young men beyond bravado and banter.

In 2000 YouthAction set up the Work with Young Men Unit to develop and implement clear strategies for the development of young men's work throughout Northern Ireland.

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