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Volunteering Opportunities

At YouthAction Northern Ireland we believe that volunteering is a vital and integral part of a healthy society. We have depended on the contribution of volunteers for 65 years.

  1. Joining our board of Directors, local advisory groups or subgroups such as fundraising.
  2. Assisting with events and productions in College Square North (refreshments, front of house, welcoming guests, chaperoning)
  3. Assisting with CSN foyer and Learning Resource Centre.
  4. Supporting youth work through co working and shadowing staff.
  5. Joining our youth governance groups such as RF Members Forum, The Company, Young Men's Forum and Young Women's Advisory Group.
  6. Speaking at conferences and meetings on behalf of young people.
  7. Supporting action through in kind services such as PR/ marketing.
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Volunteer App

Download the Volunteering App and you can update and keep a record of all your volunteering achievements and experiences. You can also produce reports on your achievements which you can then email as evidence of your volunteering. If you are a volunteer manager, ask your volunteers to use the App to help you gather information on their volunteering experiences.

Created by the Volunteer Working Group at Youthnet, the App allows volunteers within the voluntary youth sector to record and track their volunteering under the following headings: Organisations Events Goals Achievements Residentials or Camps Courses and Qualifications

The App enables volunteers to:

  • Record and track volunteering activities and experience
  • Easily view volunteering activities and experiences
  • Generate reports of their volunteering activities and experiences
  • Email and print out these reports (to a volunteer co-ordinator or manager if required, or also to enhance a CV)
  • Keep track of voluntary hours

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