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Youth Achievement Awards

Who’s Youth Achievement Awards for?

Please follow this link to see Youth Achievement Awards in action here

"I hope to receive a certificate for all my work. I used my panning and creative skills designing my folder"

Are you involved in the following activities?
- Being part of a Youth Forum
- Learning to cook Italian food
- Helping with the housework
- Taking part in an outdoor residential
- Being involved in an environmental project
- Having a go at a new sport
- Learning to control my anger
- Finding out about services available to me
- Helping other young people to learn something new

How can Youth Achievement Awards accredit these activities

1. Speak to your Youth Worker/ Teacher/ Community worker. They call YouthAction and register your group.
2.You need to plan with your Youth Worker what challenges you want to do.
3. Each person gets a booklet to write your ideas in and you have to gather all of the proof of your project along the way, like photos, blogs, receipts, planning notes etc. you can even write blurb about your friends or get them to do one for you.
4. Your friends have to check your booklet for you and write something in it for you. Your worker will keep you right.
5. Then when you're all done, your worker will collect them in and bring them to YouthAction.
6. Then you get an ASDAN Certificate and celebrate

"This was a very worthwhile challenges helped me to think about speeding and how I might drive on the road" (YAA Bronze Young Person)

Which award would suit you?

Age Range : 11 - 13 : Taking part = Youth Challenge Award

Age Range : 11 - 13 : Sharing Responsibility = Youth Challenge Extra Award

Age Range : 14+ : Taking part = Bronze YAA

Age Range :14+ : Sharing responsibility = Silver YAA

Age Range : 14+ : Leading and Organising = Gold YAA

Age Range : 16+ : Peer Leadership = Platinum YAA

"I think that the young people have grown in terms of their personal and social development feeling a sense of pride about their achievement and gaining new practical skills." Award Group Worker

Please follow this link to see YAA in action here

I’m a young person how do I get to take part in the award?

Show your youth worker, teacher, support worker, or any other adult you are involved with this website and get them to contact us at

As a worker, how do I run the awards?

Contact us at

What are Youth Achievement Awards equivalent to?

The National Framework of Awards in Non-Formal Educational Settings as agreed by the Awards Network deems the following equivalency for YAA:
Bronze Entry level
Silver GCSE D-G/ NVQ level 1
Gold GCSE A*-C/ NVQ level 2
Platinum A-level/ NVQ level 3

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