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Equality Work with Young Women

Young Women 'Celebrate Your Mental Health' Day

Young Women ‘celebrate your mental health’ was an event organised by Right Here Fermanagh to promote positive mental health in young women. The days activated to promote positivity in young women by looking at stress relief techniques, confidence building exercises and boosting self esteem, looking at how music as a therapy and how art can help promote positive mental health. The session also consisted of gender awareness and looking at the sexualisation and body image issues facing young women.

There was a great mix of ages between the women who participated in the session. Young women ranging from 16 – 25 years were able to share their experiences in a comfortable environment and also learn from the experiences of others.

It was a very enjoyable day had by all involved.

Some of the feedback from the young women read

‘’good time’’


‘’loved that it ended on a high note’’

‘’know more about mental health’’

‘’learned new things’’

‘’positive day’’

‘’met new people’’

‘’didn’t expect it to be so much fun’’

My evaluation as the worker

I thoroughly enjoyed the session. All the participants were very involved and really made me feel at ease as the facilitator. They were very pro active in addressing their needs in relation to conversation topics and question time. It was rewarding as a worker to receive such nice feedback and to have recruited new young women to the project via this event. Also I am reaping the benefits of the snowball effect where word of mouth about the event has afforded me the opportunity to work with more groups.

However, I would have been happier with a larger size of group. Perhaps now I need to think about making sure I have the audience before I steam roll ahead.

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