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College Square North

Why College Square North

College Square North

YouthAction Northern Ireland has been serving the community and young people for 65 years.

From 1971-2006 Hampton was the home and identity of the organisation. A large house with extensive gardens situated in the eastern suburbs of Belfast, had been the home to a captain of industry and originally built for the Town Clerk of Belfast in the 1840's.

It seemed well removed from the violence and disorder of many areas of Northern Ireland yet easily accessed from inner city Belfast and surrounding areas. It had around 30 beds and was very popular for residential youth work, training and conferences.

Hampton provided stability for the organisation for over 35 years. It facilitated creativity and innovation and sustained the organisation’s capacity to deliver youth work across Northern Ireland.

The new millennium saw the organisation reaffirming its core identity. A process involving staff, volunteers and young people was initiated to produce a strategic business plan based on the organisation’s core values, financial stability, effective youth work practice and strong management team.College Square North

The decision to leave Hampton took on a new momentum and became more focussed. A fundraising strategy got underway and the site in College Square North was purchased in 2006.

College Square North is a high quality building for young people and those involved  in non formal education in the heart of the city. Easily accessible and welcoming , it is a resource for those committed to young people’s well-being. College Square North strives to be a centre of excellence for youth work influencing and impacting on opportunities for young people  well beyond the boundaries of Belfast.

Open the Doors!

Open the doors, light of the day shine in, light of the mind shine out.

We have a building which is more than a building

There is a commerce between inner and outer,

Between brightness and shade

Between the world and those who think about the world...

Edwin Morgan

Poet Laureate
(Written for the opening of the Scottish Parliament building)

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